Homeowner services

Al-Tahaluf Real Estate is committed to provide you with the highest of services, standards, and help you maintain your home for years to come. We stand by your side for any support for any of your Homeowner service needs. Trained with one of the top builders in the USA. Al-Tahaluf provides it’s Homeowners a Homeowners service developed by K.Hovnanian Homes; A US home builder that has over 50 years of experience in the field. Al-Tahaluf real estate is qualified to provide to its Homeowners a distinguished service in the Saudi Arabian Real estate Market.

New homeowner process:

Once our customers visit one of our sites, they meet our top trained sales representative; who will walk them through our unique models. Once the customer is set on a certain model, the sales representative will walk the customer to our available Homes. The customer will choose their preferred location on our site then become our new Homeowner.


  • GKO Definition (Gold Key Orientation) GKO is one of our great tools that guarantee our beloved homeowners a distinctive service. Al-Tahaluf is proud to have this tool, as it sets up the Company & Homeowners for the delivery of a high Quality Home. A Gold Key Orientation is a process where the Homeowners get a chance to walk their home with one of our representatives from our Quality assurance Department. During the walk, the Homeowner will be introduced to their home. They will take a tour to learn more about their villa’s functionality and how they will relate to the Customer Service and Warranty Department.
  • - GKO Process ( bright road to a beautiful home) Once the Homeowner has chosen their future home; one of our Quality assurance experts will contact the Homeowner to set up a “GKO-Walk”. The representative will introduce the Customer Service and Warranty Department. He will also walk the Homeowner through the house, to give the Homeowner an opportunity to express their thoughts about the villa. If there are any items or comments, our representative would schedule our service team to go in and address the comments before the Homeowner’s closing.

Warranty & Customer service Department

Once a Homeowner closes on their new home, they will get 30 days from the closing date to point out issues or comments concerning items that are not warrantable. Once the 30 days period is over the Homeowner’s warranty starts.
Key points:

  • Al Tahaluf Real Estate prides itself in the premium quality services it has to offer.
  • A Homeowner contacts AlTahaluf Customer Service Department to address all their issues.
  • Our Homeowners will be handed certified warranty documents.
  • 2 Years warranty services on Electric & plumbing including Materials. On the 3rd year, the expense of the services would be 50/50 between the Company and customer.
  • 10 years warranty on the skeleton work on the vendor.
  • 10 years warranty on water proofing on the vendor.
  • 25 years warranty the electric panel on the suppling company.
  • 5 years warranty on the water tank on the suppling company.
  • 1 year warranty on Garage door on the suppling company.
  • 3 years on water heaters on the suppling company.