Finance Your Home With

Step By Step Loan Process

Home Finance Steps that you can easily use to benefit from our Finance Solution programs.

Finance Basic Programs:

  1. Bank Home Loan (Down payment 30%)
  2. Home Finance companies (Down payment 15%)
  3. Real Estate Development Fund (RDF) + Cash
  4. Real Estate Development Fund (RDF) + Bank
  5. Cash programs
  6. Off-plan Sale

Finance Basic Requirements:

  1. Minimum Salary 5,000 SAR
  2. Minimum age 21 Years Old up to 65 Years
  3. Joint loan is acceptable only for 1st degree relatives
  4. Documents required (Salary letter, transfer letter and national ID)
  5. Salary transfer for banks

Once you pick your new home you will be eligible to use the programs as the following:

  1. Our Sales Consultant will introduce you to one of the finance companies or banks
  2. Help you fill out the application for loan.
  3. Assist you with following up with the bank or the finance company.

After getting the approval, our Sales consultant will direct you to our closing and bank relations department. They will take over to help you with the bank process as the following:

  1. Provide all the documents that are requested from Al-Tahaluf, such as (Deed, Permits…ETC)
  2. Arrange Evaluation of the home
  3. Following up the process with the bank or finance company
  4. Transfer deed process

To get the Maximum benefits of our services please pay attention to the following:

  1. Please be responsive to help us helping you get the process done
  2. Prepare salary and transfer letters in appropriate time period. Some entities take a long time to provide.
  3. As per SAMA regulations please make the requested down payment ready once the bank asks for it.